Between irritation, dryness, discomfort, and a never-ending search for a “holy grail” product, dealing with sensitive skin can seem like nightmare. Thankfully, following the right routine and using the right skincare products can keep your skin healthy and comfortable! Following these tips from our dermatology clinic can help you achieve your best skin.


1. Always Read the Ingredients
While your skin may naturally be sensitive due to genetic factors, it still takes a trigger to cause a bad reaction. Understanding those triggers is the first step in protecting your skin. Be extra careful around products with added fragrances, colors, and preservatives, and try to keep a skincare “diary” to narrow down exactly what’s bothering your skin.


2. Patch Test
Testing is important, even on products with rave reviews. Apply a small amount of product in a concealed area, like behind your ear. In 24 hours, you’ll have a good indicator of how you react. It’s important to still test hypoallergenic products or those “for sensitive skin” – even “natural” ingredients can cause a reaction (think about food allergies!). Also, consider applying new eye and lip products very lightly, as these areas can be more sensitive than other patches of skin.


3. Cleanse Gently
Whether you’re sensitive to products or environmental factors, removing irritants from your skin is important. Cleanse thoroughly, but gently, in water that isn’t too hot, remember to blot dry, and follow up with a robust moisturizer.


4. Connect with a Local Dermatologist
This is perhaps the most important tip for living with sensitive skin. Even if you heavily research products and test carefully, you can go years without finding the ideal routine. Talking to dermatology specialists and relying on their experience can greatly improve your skin’s health and dramatically cut the time needed to find the right regimen.


If you’re experiencing discomfort due to sensitive skin or want to find a better skincare routine, connect with our Minnesota dermatology clinic today! We have six convenient locations, and even offer virtual appointments. Seeing one of our skin care doctors will give you the most complete, custom information on how to best care for your sensitive skin.


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