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Our Telemedicine


On Telemedicine visits, your skin concern will be discussed livestream with one of our dermatologists, who will determine a treatment plan. In some cases, you will need to come to the clinic if a further evaluation or a procedure is needed.

Visits are private – your information is documented on a secure electronic medical record. 

Telemedicine visits are covered by many health insurance plans- Medicare and private insurance will cover the telemedicine appointment similar to in-person visits (co-pays and deductibles apply). For new patients, health insurance information will be obtained when your appointment is scheduled.


How It Works


Call 763-571-4000 and ask to schedule a Telemedicine appointment.

A consent form will be sent to you via email, and you will need to respond: “I AGREE”, followed by your First Name, Last Name and date of birth.

Medical support staff will call you prior to the Telemedicine appointment to take your medical history and document this in your chart.

During the telemedicine visit, you will receive a treatment plan, including prescriptions sent electronically to your pharmacy and if necessary, you will need to come to the clinic for further work-up or a procedure (this may result in an additional co-pay).


Treated Conditions

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