As August comes to a close and the weather starts to get cooler, many people anticipate the changing of the seasons. Sweaters are brought out of boxes, fall decorations are dusted off, and gardening supplies are traded out for rakes and snow shovels.

As you prepare for fall, don’t forget to make your skincare routine match the season as well. Just like your wardrobe, your skincare regimen should reflect your environment. There are many seasonal factors that can affect your skin – take these tips from our Minnesota dermatology experts!



The region you live in is as important to consider as the day-to-day environmental changes. Regions with relatively stable weather, or mild winters and summers, offer more forgiveness for those who like to stick to their routine. In areas that have a more significant contrast between seasons, now is the time to take inventory of your skincare products and determine what you need.



Temperature, wind, humidity – these can all affect your skin’s day-to-day health. As the weather gets cooler and winds become harsher, consider using a more heavy-duty moisturizer. Skincare specialists note that most people find that their skin becomes dryer in the fall and winter and more prone to chapping in the wind. And the outdoor weather isn’t the only thing to blame. As the temperature drops, turning on the heat indoors can also contribute to dry, flaky skin. A gentle exfoliator and robust moisturizer can do a lot!


Diet and Exercise

Fall is a wonderful time for friends, family… and food! With Halloween and the holidays approaching, and less motivation to keep that beach body you worked on all summer, our healthy diet tends to start deteriorating. Fewer fruits and vegetables are fresh and in season, and nothing marks the cooler weather like a nice cup of cocoa. Your diet – especially sugar intake – can have a serious impact on your skin. Don’t be tempted to take a day off of daily cleansing, and make sure to drink lots of water.

Dry skin, chapped lips, and congested pores can be more common this time of year. To help make sure your skincare routine works for you this fall, connect with the team at our dermatology clinic to make a custom plan. Don’t forget about choosing the right products as well! We offer carefully chosen skin products that are both safe and effective.

Find one of our locations close to you, or make a virtual appointment with one of our dermatology specialists. We’re here to help, year-round.


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