Say Goodbye to those Last Few Pesky Pounds

Say Goodbye to those Last Few Pesky Pounds

Are you making good food choices and getting regular exercise but can’t seem to drop those last few pounds? You’re not alone. Some areas of the body like to hold on to unwanted fat despite all of your efforts. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to those last few pesky pounds, Associated Skin Care Specialists can help. Our board-certified cosmetic dermatologists in Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, have nonsurgical body-contouring tools that can help you reach your weight and body goals. 

Read on to learn how we can help you say bye-bye to those stubborn pounds.

CoolSculpting® for unwanted fat

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical fat-reducing tool. It uses innovative technology (cryolipolysis) that targets, freezes, and destroys the fat cells under your skin. Your body then removes the damaged fat cells from the area, helping you get closer to your body goals.

We use CoolSculpting to treat many areas of the body that like to hold on to fat, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper back, and submental fat (under the chin). Treatments take 30 to 60 minutes, and most people see results after one or two sessions.

Because CoolSculping is a nonsurgical body-contouring treatment, results aren’t immediate. However, you can expect to see improvements in your figure about a month after your first session and final results within three months. 

Can CoolSculpting help me?

CoolSculpting reduces body fat and may help you get closer to your weight goals, but it’s not a weight-loss procedure. Our cosmetic dermatologists determine if you’re a candidate for the nonsurgical treatment after a consultation.

Good candidates for CoolSculpting are at or close to their goal weight, eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and have good skin tone. So, if you have unwanted pockets of body fat that are keeping you from reaching your goals, then CoolSculpting might help you.

Other nonsurgical body contouring tools

In addition to fat-reduction treatments, we also offer body-contouring treatments that improve muscle tone and reduce cellulite.

CoolTone® for muscle tone

CoolTone is a magnetic muscle stimulation device that works out your muscles harder than you ever could at the gym. The technology in the CoolTone device causes powerful involuntary muscle contractions that improve muscle strength and tone.

CoolTone is FDA-cleared to treat the abdomen, glutes (buttocks), and thighs.

QWO® for cellulite

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injection that treats moderate to severe cellulite on the buttocks in adult women. This injection restructures the collagen fibers and redistributes the fat  under the skin, creating a smoother appearance.

Like CoolSculpting, CoolTone and QWO aren’t weight-loss treatments, but can help you achieve your ideal body shape. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to your stubborn pockets of fat? Use our convenient online scheduling tool to make an appointment with one of our cosmetic dermatologists at our Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, or Minneapolis office today. Or, call the office most convenient to you. 

We provide general dermatology care at our offices in Minneapolis, Blaine, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, and Coon Rapids, Minnesota and even offer telemedicine appointments in some cases.

We also have an office in Fridley, Minnesota.

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