Telehealth Services

The use of electronic communications to provide medical advice and treatment remotely is known as telemedicine. Our office now offers it through Modernizing Medicine® and their app, modmed Telehealth™. This increasingly popular solution is available for download on your mobile device.

Today, just about anything is possible with your mobile device - including getting medical advice or treatment from your dermatologist. With the modmed Telehealth app, you can enjoy high-tech, virtual care from the comfort of your home or office.

Ideal for mild skin issues such as a bite, rash, minor burn or acne, the modmed Telehealth app is easily accessible, convenient, and a time saver. Telemedicine doesn’t replace in-office visits, but it can be an added, effective and expedient way for you to consult with our doctors on occasion, giving you faster diagnosis, treatment and assurance – or a recommendation for face-to-face care. You can easily snap and send photos and other information about your condition via a mobile device to receive a reply from our team.

Getting Started

How to Download

From the App Store or Google Play, search for Modernizing Medicine and then download the modmed Telehealth app onto your device.  You can also click on one of the buttons or links below.

Manage Push Notifications

After you download the app, you can set your push notifications to either allow you to receive or block telehealth messages. If you choose to receive notifications, you will be alerted any time the status of your case changes, even when you do not have the app opened.  If you choose not to receive notifications, you can only view your status by opening the app.

Logging In

Before you start, you will need the URL specific to our practice, which you must acquire from our office along with a username and password specific to you.  Contact us to receive this information.


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