How Dermatologic Surgery Can Improve Your Skin Condition

Imagine you have scheduled your annual skin check.  During the course of your visit, your dermatologist identifies a suspicious lesion and recommends performing a skin biopsy.  The following week, your skin doctor calls you to explain that the biopsy revealed a lesion that will need to be completely excised.  While alarmed at the news, you feel relieved that you caught it in time, and a simple surgical procedure will take care of the problem, as well as your anxiety.

Dermatologic Surgery

Dermatologic surgery is defined as surgery of the skin for either benign or malignant lesions.  Dermatologists are the most highly qualified physicians to perform skin surgery.  Dermatologic surgeons understand the biology of the skin and the complex process of healing. At Associated Skin Care Specialists, our physicians are well trained in the removal of benign lesions such as moles, lipomas or cysts as well as more complicated lesions such as skin cancers.  Dermatologic surgeons are also trained in the surgery and treatment of hair and nail disorders.  These surgeries are highly effective with quick recovery times.

Lesion, Cyst, and Mole Removal

While removal of many lesions is an in-office procedure, our dermatologic surgical team evaluates each patient’s needs and determines the best course of treatment. Typically, cyst removal and mole removal are straightforward, standard procedures.

Skin Cancer Treatments

Although a skin cancer diagnosis can be scary, our dermatologists help patients through the process of healing. Our Mohs certified surgeons use precise techniques to remove only tissue damaged by cancer, leaving our patients with minimal scarring, a quick recovery, and peace of mind.

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Treatments

As many people are choosing to improve the function and cosmetic appearance of skin and body tissues through dermatologic surgery, our services help patients address various needs, including:

  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Correction of acne scarring
  • Traumatic and surgical scar revision
  • Vein therapy

Anti-Aging Treatments

Many patients are looking for simple treatments to reverse the effects of aging. Laser treatments, Botox® and fillers are options for treatment.  Associated Skin Care Specialists physicians start with a personal consultation to develop the best treatment to meet your needs.

Types of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are temporary or semi-permanent inject-able gels that add volume and contour to your skin. Typical requests for dermal fillers are to improve the appearance of sunken cheekbones, add volume to thinning lips, and improve scar appearances.

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scarring can cause anxiety, and we help patients improve the health and appearance of their skin. We start by controlling acne outbreaks.  Subsequently, laser resurfacing will improve the overall appearance of your skin.  In addition, some scars may be improved using the dermal filler, Bellafill.

Traumatic and Surgical Scar Revision Techniques

We use a combined approach to help you improve the appearance and sensation of problematic scars.

Vein Treatment

Many of us suffer from unsightly spider veins or more painful varicose veins. A personalized approach to vein removal or minimization will help you get the best results. Often a combined method using laser and sclerotherapy maximizes the speed and effects of vein removal.

The majority of dermatologic surgeries require only local or regional anesthesia, so you can get back home and back to life more quickly. Dermatologic surgeries are minimally invasive, so recovery time is manageable. Improved technology and procedure innovations make dermatologic surgeries useful with enhanced results.

To learn more about dermatologic surgeries, contact the dermatology specialists at Associated Skin Care Specialists today for a consultation. Our board-certified Minnesota surgical team are experts in advanced dermatology to help you achieve optimal results for your skin’s health and beauty.