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Patch Testing

Patch testing is used to aid in the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis.  This is a painless procedure and is performed over a period of 3 days out of a week.  Most commonly tested is the standard North American series that consists of 65 different allergens.  Depending on your dermatitis, whether personal or occupationally related, we offer other specific series such as:

                                            Acrylate                 Isocyanate

                                            Bakery                   Metals
                                            Corticosteroid         Oil & Coolants
                                            Cosmetic                Plants
                                            Dental                    Sunscreen
                                            Epoxy                    Textiles & Colors
                                            Hairdressing           Wood

We can also test to personal products.  The patient must be seen three times in one week.  The first day is the application of the patches.  They adhere to the skin, preferably the back, in panels of 10 and are secured in place with a special tape.  At the second appointment, 48 hours later, the patches are removed, marked with special ink and pictures are taken.  The third and final appointment, 72 or 96 hours later, is a reading to assess delayed reactions and confirm positive reactions.  During this week the patient will not be allowed to get the area wet.  At the final appointment the patient will be given information on any confirmed allergies.